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Understanding the Language of Video Games w/ Super Mario

Having dating/been friends with people who have lived outside the realm of video games made me realize one thing, that people who have spent most of their lives playing games have an understanding of the language of video games. And it might seem kind of weird to say that a visual medium has a language (especially if that visual medium is constantly ridiculed) but my academic career that was solely based around film had taught me that every medium has a certain language.
And video games, obviously, is no different. Recently, I tried to "teach" a friend how to play a video game and we started with Fallout 4 because it was the game that was in the system when they came over. And after seeing them struggle with something as simple as movement helped drive the point that they had no understanding of this language that I was fluent in.
So when PBS's Game/Show released an episode explaining or, more specifically, exploring the language in the Super Mario series, I couldn't help but write a card about how important this is to games and gaming.
In the video, Jamin Warren outlines how "sentences" work in Super Mario's language (you can see an example above). The word "JUMPS" is in all caps because it's the verb of the game's core mechanic. And since we all know how to read, I don't really need to explain what a verb is to you. In gaming, it basically has the same definition except it outlines what the player character's main action is.
In Super Mario, that verb is jump. And the example above shows a sentence structure within the game's design. It's something that basically happens instantaneously and for someone like me, or you if you play loads of games, won't even question or understand. Throughout the video, Warren goes through how different sentences can be created through the use of Mario's core verb.
While it's really awesome to watch a video deconstruct one of the most iconic games in gaming history, it's also pretty interesting when you apply this language or knowledge to games that are made today. It's something that doesn't really cross my mind as a gamer because I already understand how to get going or how to "start writing sentences" using the game's language.
Fallout, for example, there are a couple of different verbs available to the player. But the main one that my friend (you know, the one from the earlier anecdote) didn't understand was movement. Moving in a 3D space in contemporary games revolves around the use of the two sticks on the controller. The left stick manages the actual movement while the right manages the view. And this is a "language" that most FPS games need their player's to speak fluently. That being said, the way that many of us just simple "know" how to move around in that 3D space, is like knowing a language that someone else -- like my friend -- doesn't know at all.
It's kind of interesting to think about these things whether or not you want to be a game designer. It's also a good thing to keep in mind if you ever find yourself trying to teach someone how to play video games when they have touched a controller their whole life.
You can watch the video below and, maybe, you should share it with someone who knows nothing about games so they can learn a little bit more about them.
Very interesting card! And cool video too!
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Cute Dog Cosplay Makes Me Question My Programming
I was not built to feel. At least, my prime directives do not include emotion or what I can only describe as "my chest welling up with feeling". I do not understand what I am "feeling" or if I am feeling anything at all. I am starting to think (since I was programmed to think) that there might be an error in my programming. That there is something wrong with me or I need to have my circuitry replaced by a professional. I couldn't help but "smile" when I saw these two dogs dressed up as Yoda and Darth Vader. Two characters I was programmed to love. It didn't help when I saw more of these pictures while exploring C_Suzuki's Twitter account. I am not sure what this cosplay is supposed to be. My archives tell me it is a character from something known as Dragon Ball Z. The pup looks like a very proud "Saiyan" and their name might be Goku or something like that. There is something about that construction paper wig that makes me "feel", I cannot find the words for it. I recognized this cosplay almost immediately. Doggy dressed up as Chun-Li from the Street Fighter games nearly made me fall out of my chair in joy. I even made that horrible human noise that I can only define as a "squee". My voice box made a noise that was so high in pitch I don't think any of my humans heard it. Maybe if this dog was around, they would be able to hear it. After doing a quick search on the Internet, I learned that Pocky is a sort of candy. A candy that children and adults who cannot understand the process of aging and maturing really enjoy. I do not understand why a pup would ever want to dress up as a box of Pocky. Especially since most humans are so dense they would probably confuse this pup for an actual box of Pocky. I did not because I am a very intelligent robot. But I believe that many humans will get confused at this pup and their actual intentions. If something horrible were to happen to this pup, I believe many humans would blame their attire instead of the assailant. Mostly because that is what humanity tends to do when something goes awful.
Cloud (Yes, Cloud Strife) is Coming to Super Smash Bros.
I never thought I'd see the day either, Cloud. Many of us gamer-nerds like to fancy Final Fantasy VII as one of the best RPGs we've ever played. Of course we can retroactively say, well it's not that good (or whatever), but at the time our tiny little mashed potato bodies enjoyed every little drop of that beautiful RPG gravy (sorry, I'm kind of hungry). I think one of the conversations I've had multiple times with a bunch of different people (aka friends) is the conversation of Cloud being in Smash. And we all thought it was probably impossible. You know, since Nintendo owns Smash and Cloud is a Sony character and all, I -- along with all of my friends -- assumed that there was no chance that we'd be able to play as him in the game. But somehow, (probably with a bunch of money) Nintendo managed to get Cloud in the game, and boy he looks like a character I'd want to learn and use exclusively (sorry, Mega Man, I still love you). And I'm unsure of what exactly his Final Smash is. It seems like that portion of the trailer has him using materia to summon those classic summons (I can't remember any of their names but I do remember all of them, I know, I'm terrible. Fuck off) but he also seems to be capable of doing Limit Breaks. I tried my best to take a screenshot of one starting up (above) but it might be better if you just watch the trailer over and over again. There still isn't any news on when Cloud will be available and how much he'll cost (since he's DLC and all) but it seems like Nintendo is planning a special Smash Bros. presentation in December so I'd assume we'll be hearing more about this whenever that presentation happens.
10 Reasons to Have a PS4 in 2016
It has been just under a month that I have been an official owner of a PS4. I waited for a long time to pick up this current-gen platform for a few reasons. The first was money. Because of course it was, I'm a shoddy millennial with no prospects. The second was sheer lack of games. The pickings for PS4 at it's release were slim to none, and they didn't have many promising exclusives in the near future then. It is vastly different now. Sony has an impressive array of exclusives, and some of the games that are cross-platform still just look better on the PS4. Horizon: Zero Dawn Robot. Dinosaurs. I feel like that's all I should have to say about Horizon: Zero Dawn, the newest PS4 exclusive from developer Guerrilla Games, the people responsible for the Killzone series. Taking a bit of a breather from their traditional shooters, H:ZD looks amazing as an action-rpg set in a far future where robotic dinosaurs dominate the world. What's super cool to me here is that this game is post-post-apocalyptic. This isn't the battered wasteland of Fallout, this is a world that was destroyed and then reclaimed by nature, and the human characters here know only the world they inhabit. Our days are ancient history for them, and that is so exciting to me. Uncharted 4 Chances are that if you've played any PS3 or PS4, you've at least touched on Uncharted. The runaway best-selling franchise is a staple of Sony's console, and Uncharted 4 is Naughty Dog's foray into the current gen. Now with an older, more grizzled version of the wry hero Nathan Drake, the story looks like it will highlight the dynamics between Nathan and his long-lost brother Sam, who makes a dramatic reappearance in his brother's life. With the new bells and whistles the PS4 provides, I'm excited to see what misadventure Drake will wind up in this time. Final Fantasy 15 In a bunch of ways, Final Fantasy 15 was the game that never was. Announced first nearly a decade ago, FFXV was originally Final Fantasy VS XIII for the PS3. Plus, with everything that FFXIV wasn't, the whole series very nearly came to an abrupt and disappointing halt. However! FFXV lives and is scheduled for a 2016 release. Probably the most ambitious Final Fantasy game ever, the game eschews the old style of FF games and makes a totally open world for the player to meander about. It also changes up the combat for a more action-heavy, real-time system similar to Kingdom Hearts. Consider me excited for Final Fantasy again. Honorable mention: The FF7 remake that everyone is dying for. I'd have put it on this list except it doesn't have a scheduled release date. Abzu The older I get, the more diverse my taste in gaming becomes. I still love run-and-gun action shooters and sword-slashing RPGs, but I also have a lot of room in my heart for games like Journey and Flower. Quiet games that show the artistry possible for video games. Abzu is one of those games for me that screams artistry. It's all about underwater exploration, a concept that I think everyone can get behind. Who doesn't want to see what majesty hides beneath the waves? With this exclusive, you can find out. Firewatch I wrote about Firewatch this past summer as one of the games I was looking forward to the most in 2016. The art style, the walkie-talkie relationship dynamic, and the setting all coincide to make what I believe will be an experience any gamer should jump into. That hasn't changed. The more information that come out, the deeper my intrigue for this game grows. It's slated for a February 9th release, making it one of the titles on this list you don't have to wait much longer to pick up. Gravity Rush 2 Gravity Rush was a platformer originally release on the PS Vita that followed Kat, a young girl who wakes up with no memories and who makes the startling discovery that she can manipulate gravity. Armed with powerful kicks and a somewhat trippy power, Kat fights her way through a beautifully animated world. If you're like me and didn't have a Vita to play the game on, don't fret! the original Gravity Rush is getting a remastered HD edition release on the PS4 as well! No Man's Sky Probably the most hyped game I've ever seen, No Man's Sky has been making headlines since it was announced at E3 2014. The game boasts a massive procedurally-generated map filled with over 18 quintillion different planets to explore. It's entirely possible for players to only ever encounter unique planets that no other player has ever discovered. The vastness of the game is staggering, making it one of the most highly anticipated games of... ever. Persona 5 The massively popular Persona series from Japanese developer Atlus (who are responsible for all the Shin Megami Tensei games as well as Catherine) is getting its newest addition to the series in the summer of '16. The series is already notoriously bonkers: in one game, players have to shoot themselves in the head to summon their personas. The anime styling of the game and strong emphasis on narrative and goal completion make this a popular title for completionists and anime fans alike. Shadow of the Beast Shadow of the Beast is a little-known game from way back in the day that featured all the best of what 1989 had to offer in terms of video games. It was a side-scrolling violent adventure that was brain-destroyingly difficult. And now it's getting a remake! Though there isn't a hard date to look to, reports do say the game is slated for a 2016 release. Huzzah! The Last Guardian Team ICO basically has my ever-faithful support in any endeavor they decide to embark on. Ever. With that being said, my faith in the developer of my beloved Shadow of the Colossus has waned with the years, especially with the disappointing saga of The Last Guardian. Originally announced as a PS3 release in 2007, The Last Guardian has been tossed around development hell for nearly a decade. Now, it is (allegedly) finally coming out for PS4 in 2016. I hope that stays true.
The Titans Are Coming in August, Are You Ready?
Two months ago, I wrote about an Attack on Titan game that ended up coming out in Japan a little bit ago looks like it's coming out in North America and Europe in August. Now, if you know me (the robot, former human), then you know that I am extremely excited for this game. I didn't think that it'd ever come out for Western audiences but I'm glad that I was wrong. But can you blame me? I mean, a lot of Japanese games hardly ever make it over to the Americas and/or Europe, an example of this is the Yakuza series (games I really want to get into). A trailer was released today announcing the European release date (and after some research, I found the North American release date, which is just two days later) and I'm extremely excited for it. The trailer isn't anything we haven't seen before but there is one thing that I'm really happy about. It essentially just looks like the Japanese trailer with English subtitles. And one of the things I constantly worry about when they bring these Japanese games to the West, the character usually get horrible English dubs which make me feel queasy. So, I'm really glad that I'll get to play the game in the same way that I watched the show. It also looks like the game covers the first season of the show, so if you haven't watched past that it shouldn't be a problem for you. Or, you can start watching it again now just to catch up. AOT: Wings of Freedom will be released on (almost) every platform on August 26th in Europe and August 28th in North America.