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My Deadpool Corps box came today! Am I excited? Yes! This Merc with a Mouth mouth can't put it in words!
Yes! Great a patch and a pin! But it gets even better when I open the box.
Great comic book blocks gets me to hyperventilate! But I'm breathing... Trust me.
The booty! And it was totally worth the 25 dollars. The only thing that is annoying is shipping and tax but hell. It's worth it. You are getting over 50 dollars of stuff for 25! The boxes ship every two months, I am guessing the next best box is going to have to do with the civil war themed.

My Mercs with Mouths

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That is awesome, it seems like loot crate is full of good stuff. So I guess they do the same thing as Marvel Corps, they tell you the theme but not what is in it. I'm debating about getting the Deadpool and Walking Dead one they are doing now .
@LAVONYORK Do it! Time is running out...
@JimTurpen I'm looking it over now to see if i want to commit.