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Did you guys watch this? I just... Jimin...hip thrusts... I think I am officially dead....again...
i was telling my friend how before i wayched this performance i literally thought it was impossible for me to love Jimin more than what i already did!
@Helixx I understand...Jimin ruins me everyday. And this is honestly one of the best live performances I have seen so far! And there was so much Jimin...and some hip thrusting...and a Jungkook voice growl! I need help... 😍
@Defy24601 I loved this performance the moment it aired. These guys are so talented and they nailed this! They really work hard and it pays off. The choreography was so tight and on point... and Jimin! I agree with you. It's impossible for him to stay in his lane and even if he could, the boy clearly doesn't want to. I resisted his advances for sooooo long and finally broke down and gave in to him because I simply was too tired to fight him anymore. He moved from #8 to #4 seemingly overnight and I see him eyeballing the #3 spot. I have to say though, that I'm much happier now that I've given in to him and my bias list is pretty harmonious these days.
@merryjayne13 I am living proof (well I am really dead now but whatever) that Jimin can and will wreck one's bias list so hard that he actually becomes one's bias. Be careful with that little tangerine... He is dangerous. 😝
*screaming inside* I love their performances they are amazing and oh god Jimin he's killing me quickly
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