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Sexy, simple and chic.

This hairstyle graced the runways during New York Fashion week thanks to creator and hairstylist, Jon Reyman . As a guest artist for Aveda during fashion week, Reyman thought this look would be perfect for the models. He got the idea from lanyard stitching and just added his own twist to the style.
According to Cosmopolitan, his technique consists of 'first parting the model's hair down the middle, sectioning three strands, securing the middle piece with an elastic, weaving intricate loops and knots using the two sections that weren't included in the ponytail, and finishing the look off by pinning with bobby pins.' It sounds difficult, but believe me -- it's easier than it sounds. Keep scrolling for a visual demonstration in hopes of recreating this lovely look for yourself.

Are you a fan of this trendy hairstyle?

really? I think it looks very structured. it might be the angle of the image. but the topsy turvy pony works just as well! haha, I remember those. @TurtleyTurtles
I think it looks a little messy. I'd rather do that Topsy-Turvy ponytail thingy. (lol showing my age, kinda?) It's much more simple, I can do it myself, and it looks cleaner than this.
Definitely the days lol I always over did it with the hair products @TurtleyTurtles
@jordanhamilton I know! Once I learned how to put my own hair up, I wore it up every single day. Used a ton of hair spray to keep it perfectly slicked back, too. Lol. Those were the days. 馃槃
That's always fun! Learning to do your own hair. Man, I remember those days @TurtleyTurtles
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