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New York
[Official Announcement] 2016 Teen Top US Live Tour at NYC The 2016 Teen Top US Live Tour named 'RED POINT', will be held at Terminal 5 concert hall in NYC The date and time of the event will be April 2nd at 8:00pm. Section Maps available for Terminal 5 Tickets will be available at 11AM EST Tue. February 22, 2016
Tickets going on sale at 11AM EST February 22, 2016 www.TicketMaster.com P1 $200 Presale : Section1 (G1) - Sold Out P1 $200 : Section1 (G2 & High Touch) P2 $150 : Section2 or Section3A/B (G3) P3 $110 : Section2 (G4) P4 $85 : Section4(2nd Fl.) or Section5(3rd Fl.) (G5) * Fees may apply * Number with 'G' means the order of the group entering the venue. Presale tickets already on sale at www.kpoplive.com
Seating Map for the show at Chicago P1 Presale : $200 P1 General : $200 P2 : $150 / P3 : $120 / P4 : $90 / P5 : $70 * All assigned seats. * A full package of fan engagements are offered to 'P1 Presale' only. * P1 General comes with High Touch pre-sale is tomorrow at noon there is a countdown clock where you can buy the tickets www.kpoplive.com general tickets will be available at www.ticketfly.com after presale
sorry about the late update on New York I'll try to do better for Dallas and L.A (they still haven't released info yet and it's also rumored they might change their Dallas concert date to Friday instead of Thursday) also if you want to see information for yourselves check out kpoplive on facebook!! xoxo angels ps I can't remember who said if they were going or not so I'm just tagging my normal people and if you aren't sorry for the tag!! just ignore it haha
Chicago isn't far from me.....I would love to go to their concert there! Dallas also isn't far from me and I would love to go there!
Thanks n can u plz tag me 馃榾
Dallas into plz
Oh I got it, thank you
@mitchix5 see how all the ticket packages are numbered G1,G2,G3...ect? so they will let in G1 first then G2 then G3 and so on. hope that helps!!
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