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When you remember your bias doing something funny....
Then you start snickering to yourself...
ooops ....I forgot I was in public
ooops smile all cute, Im not crazy ;)
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Same. The other day I was reading Cheese in the Trap webtoon during my computer graphics class. LOL. This is embarrassing but I kept gasping and turning around to tell my friend but then I remember she doesn't lile anything that is related to Korea so I had to keep it to myself
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I did that few times lol its embarrassing 😂👌💖💖
2 years ago·Reply
All the time!!!
2 years ago·Reply
Jut put your Earphone in and Laugh as u want U WILL NOT HEAR YOUR VOICE AS LOUD AS WHAT SO U DON'T GET EMBARRASSED
2 years ago·Reply
Woww I'm so surprised at the fact that you guys don't wanna be embarrassed in public...when I at school or on the bus going home and I have my earphones plugged in listening to big bang and bts I be singing out loud and stuff, you know regular singing.....and I don't give ah fuck about anybody...
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