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These are winter 15/16 releases. I've watched/ am watching most of them and they are all fantastic. Please read through them, leave comments of what u thought and what your currently watching NAKAMA. I'd watch em all of I had that much time haha. Anime is life!!
@LuffyNewman yea, with all these new releases its kinda hard to keep up but I definitely will try!
@dimplequeen sorry 2 seasons and a movie. Yeah I'm actually on episode 11 of 2nd season so almost all done then onto another anime binge lol and yeah I keep up with the fairy tail OP and naruto weeklys as well as all the new winter 2016 releases out now!! So many good anime. Anime is life!! NAKAMA!!
Lol, @LuffyNewman I just noticed that our comments added together would make a mini anime discussion book😂😂😂
@LuffyNewman Omigod, you watched all 3 seasons again?!?! Yeah, you def need to be hooked up with some new anime. I actually have a list of new ones to watch, and a list for anime that I need to finish watching because I'll start on a new one, but never watch it again for a pretty long time. If an anime's first ep is boring I probably won't come back, lol, but I really have to force myself. when it's time to watch some anime, I'm like, hmmmm lets see...fairy tail? Nooo I watch too much of that I should start something new. But then I find myself watching fairy tail anyway😂😂😂 I try to avoid weekly releases so I can binge (of course I couldn't hold back on erased. Who could?) but anyway I'm just trying to watch these most talked about anime among the vingle community. I feel so behind and it's hard to avoid spoilers😖
Kill la kill*** but I know what you mean by the way they dress. But when you say you are RE-watching the k series, that gets me. There is so much anime to watch that I will NEVER be able to rewatch a whole anime. But I know that K has about 13 eps in the first season. I don't know how many seasons it has though. But I just guess that I'll have to wait for the next big break like you😂😂 i actually had one before this week started but I didn't use my time wisely😔😔 now I deeply regret it
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