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These are winter 15/16 releases. I've watched/ am watching most of them and they are all fantastic. Please read through them, leave comments of what u thought and what your currently watching NAKAMA. I'd watch em all of I had that much time haha. Anime is life!!
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@dimplequeen three K seasons. Last one just ended with the winter 2015 anime releases. So 39 episodes and a movie. All epic!! When u get a chance K series are all great. Good shorter series only being 13, or average but benign 3 seasons all completed makes for great binging. There are so many I could tell you about but I'm sure you could tell me about many to watch as well. I need to stop re watching all these and start watching more anime I have yet to see. It's hard tho bc there are so many times when I don't know what to pick so I'm just like ahh lets just go with FMA or brotherhood all over again or let's start One Piece from the new world all over again or let's watch shippuden all over again haha. I've re watched like 15 different anime already this year bc the main new ones I'm watching are weekly releases so there is so much time between each week to watch something else. I need to creat a lag of just animes to watch list of what I have watched, planning to watch and also have everyone comment animes to watch as well so I can create a list of like 10,000 then I'll never run out. Haha. Deff check K when u can NAKAMA even if it's an episode a day or a few a week, although that may be hard since it's one of those easy to get hooked and binge anime's haha.
@LuffyNewman Omigod, you watched all 3 seasons again?!?! Yeah, you def need to be hooked up with some new anime. I actually have a list of new ones to watch, and a list for anime that I need to finish watching because I'll start on a new one, but never watch it again for a pretty long time. If an anime's first ep is boring I probably won't come back, lol, but I really have to force myself. when it's time to watch some anime, I'm like, hmmmm lets see...fairy tail? Nooo I watch too much of that I should start something new. But then I find myself watching fairy tail anyway😂😂😂 I try to avoid weekly releases so I can binge (of course I couldn't hold back on erased. Who could?) but anyway I'm just trying to watch these most talked about anime among the vingle community. I feel so behind and it's hard to avoid spoilers😖
Lol, @LuffyNewman I just noticed that our comments added together would make a mini anime discussion book😂😂😂
@dimplequeen sorry 2 seasons and a movie. Yeah I'm actually on episode 11 of 2nd season so almost all done then onto another anime binge lol and yeah I keep up with the fairy tail OP and naruto weeklys as well as all the new winter 2016 releases out now!! So many good anime. Anime is life!! NAKAMA!!
@LuffyNewman yea, with all these new releases its kinda hard to keep up but I definitely will try!