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This group is just dam hot and they ruin me
Bonus: umm just cuz I can't stop staring at him My GOT7 TEAM @luna1171 @unniecakesali @veronicaartino @maricelavaromero @aaliyahnewbell @mandubum
that so true imagine you went to school with them(their not idols ) they'll be boys over flowers f4 but instead f7 lol
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@veronicaartino @luna1171 I had put off watching all their V apps and I made the mistake of doing this late last night and OMG I remembered why they'r my bias group
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@PrettieeEmm haha.. I always watch V app..I am a GOT7 trash.. you
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Ikr, my first thought when I knew them all so good looking
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this is why our hearts melt every single time
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