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Let's just say things heated up quite a bit.

While the work week has come to an end, Rihanna is sending us some much needed work with a teaser of her and Drake in her upcoming video for her single 'Work'.
As we've heard in the past, the two have history and whether that happened to be a rumor or not -- this video definitely gives us 'we have history together' vibes.
Although it's only thirty seconds, it's just enough to bask in all Drake's glory -- oops, I meant Rihanna. Maybe it's just me, but the two would make such a cute couple. Keep scrolling to check out the sexy teaser and grab a towel while you're at it, things get a bit steamy.

Are you feeling the sneak peek?

Do you think the two could make an item?
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Love the teaser! N yeah they do make a great couple but i don't ship them as much as i ship drake n nicki!