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Q3: My family doesn't approve!
Navigating families and relationships can be really tough, it's hard to find a balance between your loved ones. But sometimes
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Q: My family is VERY conservative. And my boyfriend is so totally not. He's an artist, has a lot of tattoos, and is very liberal. I really agree with my bf on most things but I also respect my families thoughts.
Whenever we go to visit my family, he refuses to change his image and to listen to their conversations about politics, etc. And my family refuses to talk to him long enough to get to know him. They disapprove, but I feel that if they just took a little while to get to know him, they would really appreciate him! He's really a great guy!! It's really important to me that my bf and my family get along, but neither of them are budging... What should I do?
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@nicolejb not at all. oh how I wish it worked that way.
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@carmaa10 I sooooo love what you said and in a couple years when my daughter is allowed to date can you tell her this for me PLz? Thanks
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@2Distracted hahahahahahah you are so funny
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb I figure by the time I let her out of the safety closet I've prepared to lock her in until 30 she just might believe @carmaa10 and if not back ya go for another 5 yrs and we will try again lol
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