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...And that's because we need to get away from the term 'pelo malo,' and what it means in the Latino community.

There's a new book called "¡Pelo Malo No Existe!" or "Bad Hair Does Not Exist." Sulma Arzu-Brown is the writer of the book and she was inspired to write this book after hearing her child's babysitter say her daughter had "pelo malo."

So what exactly is 'pelo malo?'

Pelo malo is not hair that's unhealthy or dirty. It's hair that many people from indigenous or African ancestry may have -- hair that's thick, curly, and coarse. It's hair that's typically not desired across many Latin American cultures.
The book teaches little girls, specifically Afro-Latinas, to love their hair and to change the way we talk about hair.
"I think it's important to highlight that Latinos and other people of color both share common challenges," she said. "I am black, but I happened to be born in Honduras, so I'm also Hispanic. I just wanted to let both communities know that we are one. We deal with the same challenges." (The Flama)

Let's Love Our Hair!

It may just be me but my favorite texture of hair is curly like the one on the top left.
I love it!!! Where can you order it? Amazon maybe? I'll look it up. :)
I like that texture too :) @hhead232
Hm yeah! It looks like it's available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!