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Sistar's Bora once shared that Song Joong Ki has been her ideal guy since debut. However, for Bora, "Ideals are just ideals, no more, no less." She expressed in an interview that she didn't want to meet him and she was sorry that his name got mentioned so much because of her. When the host pressed on and said "What if he knees and pleads in front of you? Will you change your mind?" She kept her mind and insisted that it would never happen. But when Tak Jae Hoon, one of the hosts, made a fake phone call to Song Joong Ki and said that he is going to visit the studio, Bora's face went red, prompting a huge laughter. Source: kpopstarz #ok I don't know what to think about this lol. I get her point but come on girl are you sure you don't wanna date him? Really? jeez....
I believe she's just trying to be humble about her crush on him. And not trying to call him out through a tv show. I think Reyam is right, I would be the same way If I meet my bias. Act all cool but inside be completely melting. I think Bora, being a celebrity also doesn't want to cause any riffs, can be a scary dating world for the celebs, very fine lines their walking on.
yea whatever bish jong ki is getting some play play LOL
@chasinghapiness hahaha yup yup thats what we do lol
@reyam haha omg that exactly how I am too! Whenever I see my idol in real life I keep really quiet and just pretend like I'm not a fan xD @gailatienza19 there is a loooooong list of people who wanna date Joong Ki, I guess we have to get in line! hehe @kdramaman hahaha!!!
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