Hi guys!!!! Long time no card! I made a few oneshots for my friends as a late valentine gift. I made this one particularly for my friend Shaun. I wanted share it with you guys since I feel bad for not updating my other story ( im rewriting it now and the first chapter will be released soon) If you want to be tagged in my later works tell me and I'll do it! Now lets go! Fluff alert! Also it's kinda short so yeah
* the song he sings*
" Vernon-shi I would like for you to help out our new American foreigner around the school. Well, until they get comfortable. " the principle asked Vernon. Vernon looked at the principle confused. " W-why me and not Joshua? You know I'm not good with new people," he shyly says to the elder. " I know ~ but Joshua is already busy with two other students. Maybe you can help us out?" she asks hopefully. " W-well I guess I can try" he smiles shyly as the principle cooed at the male's cuteness. Vernon is truly the dream a guy that all girls would love to have. Even guys were head over heels for the male. His cool bad boy appearance yet sweet personality made everyone out for his heart. Sadly, he wasn't interested in no one. Well until... " A-annyeonghasaeyo. I'm Shaun Jackson, nice to meet you all. " A petite young girl with dark brown curly hair bowed to the two people in front of her. She was wearing the male uniform but Vernon knew otherwise since her feminine charms showed. He chuckled at the cute little girl in front of him not knowing that she would change his everything. Vernon POV It was the day I met my best friend and my first love, Shaun. That was a few years ago. That's when our innocent friendship started but turned into something more for me. I soon fell for her 2 years later after meeting her. * School* Seungkwan, Seung Chul, and I walked through the hallways talking about the upcoming dance. My thoughts were cleared from my friends as we pass a familiar class window. I looked through the window and looked for Shaun. Spotting her making one of her well known 'disgusted' faces at her friends Sasha and Andrea. I chuckled at their silliness. " Vernon~ Vernon!" Seungkwan woke me out of my trance. I frowned wishing I could stare at her longer. " Don't bother him while he's looking at his 2nd-year girlfriend. " Seongcheol teased. I glared at the older as they both laughed at me. " Shut-up you like her friend! " I rebutted and he coughed awkwardly. " Right. Now, what do you want? " I looked at Seungkwan. " Everything is setup for the thing. Are you ready?" he says pointing to my guitar case. I nodded nervously. My chest started feeling weird thinking of what might happen. " Vernon?!" I heard someone call from the class window. It was Shaun waving cutely at me and so did Seongcheol's crush. " Seongcheol sunbae,annyeong!" she smiled happily. Seongcheol, on the other hand, blushed deeply and looked like a deer in headlights. I nudge him slightly getting him back to his senses. " A-annyeong Sasha, " he shyly waved and walked away quickly. It was weird seeing our usual brusquest friend getting flustered over a girl just saying hi. We soon followed behind him waving goodbye. * mansae !!! You got a message!* I checked my phone as we walked to the cafeteria to make sure everything was ready. <3 My Shawty<3 What are we gonna do about Mr.Cold city guy Seongcheol? >~< he is hopeless. Sarang's confused. She thinks he hates her. ~ I chuckled and looked at my poor friend checking the mics. Vernon Oppa <3 Sadly, he is a hopeless case. Anyways come to lunch early or at least on time. No laLigain! <3 My Shawty <3 Why? Are you gonna do something stupid? I swear to god I'm going to disown you. Vernon Oppa<3 No, don't disown me! I wove you Shaunie~~ <3 My Shawty <3 Alright, you weirdo. I smiled and continued to help with the arrangements. *Lunch * Students started to fill the lunch room. I started to get nervous as I seen her wave at me as she sits at her usual table with her friends. " Oh my me! Oh my me~ Ah I can't believe you're about to do this!" Seungkwan babbled happily. " Me neither but I want her to know how I feel." I mumbled still nervous. " Whelp, let us get it over with. Fighting! " Seongcheol cheered. The lights of the cafeteria dimmed. I could hear the whispers of confused students around me. " Welcome ladies and gentleman! I have a friend who has a nice surprise for you all. I bet most of you all know his name...... Vernon of class 109 " Seongcheol announced and the crowd cheered loudly. I walked forward with my guitar. I took a deep breath as I got closer to the mic. " Wassup guys!" they screamed louder. " I have prepared something for a special girl in my heart that's in this crowd. I hope you'll accept my heart" more whispers of who she was spread across the crowd. * you can listen to the song above... Exo? I know i know but I thought it would be cute* I began strumming my guitar and Seungkwan walked next to me with his mic in hand. He begins to sing as the crowd cheered and awe at his amazing voice. " You're my earth, air, water, fire..." he sang and I began to walk out into the crowd. He followed me with the white roses in hand. " Oppa! Oppa ! Pick me!!" many people screamed to me but I had my eyes on one person. Seungkwan started doing that last adlibs as I walked towards her. Her eyes open in realization and I smiled nervously . I Strung the last note and I took the roses out of his hand. " I know this is sudden and confusing but I have liked you for a long time. No one else made me feel so open and happy like you have. You made me feel things I never felt before. I wanted to show you how much I care and love you. " I got on my knee and she blushes cutely. " Shaun... My best friend and first love will you be mines ?" I asked nervously and the crowd went silent waiting for the answer. " I love you too. I have for a long time." She smiles at me. The crowd wild and cheers for us. I pulled her into my arms tightly and leaned in for a kiss. Her lips connected with mined in a sweet melody of our love for each other. I smiled into the kiss before she pulled away. " I wanted to do that for a long time. " I chuckled and she hit me softly. The End.
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