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Zico, a well-known and respected Korean hip-hop artist and producer, posted a photo of himself on Instagram the other day. In his photo (which can be found below), Zico is posing, as innocent can be, in a parka. The caption of his post? “Rainy eskimo.”
Zico’s post is a problem for two major reasons: 1) He used a derogatory term 2) He claimed another ethnicity as his own.
Using “Eskimo,” a Racial Slur
“Eskimo” is a word that has commonly been used by Americans and other Westerners to describe and label indigenous peoples from Alaska, Canada, Greenland and Siberia (i.e., Inuit). It is also a term that is viewed by many as being derogatory and a racial slur as it is a name that was placed upon Inuit by non-Inuit people and the name was thought to mean “eater of raw meat” (linguists now believe that “Eskimo” is derived from the Ojibwa word for “to net snowshoes”). It is thus incredibly offensive (not to mention messed up) that Zico not only used this racial slur...
Oh I never knew Eskimo was considered to be a racial slur.... Welp, you learn something new everyday.
Didn't he just say Eskimo because he was bundled up in a huge coat? He may or may not have meant that to be offensive but with no further explanation I think it is a bit much to call this a racial slur. And I'm not saying this because I like Zico. Tbh I don't have any of his music or follow him. But that's just my opinion.
Is that person actually serious? I bet only like 1% of the people who use "Eskimo" know it was ever meant to be derogatory, no one is ever taught that as a kid. What if the caption said "Rainy Bunny" would they go and get all upset cuz he's not actually a rabbit? 😂 people are so sensitive.
@tayunnie @Defy24601 Yeah, I didn't know about "Eskimo" until a professor started saying the name "Inuit" and I had no idea what she talking about and I had to ask a classmate about it.
@kpopisnylife He probably didn't mean anything by it but that still doesn't change the connotation of the word. Just like if someone blindly used the "n" word without actually knowing anything about it. Ignorance doesn't change the history of a word.
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