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Happy Sunday!! It's time for another L&R question to dive into. Remember that in order to win the title of Ultimate Advice Guru, you have to answer as many of these as possible!!
This one is pretty common in a lot of relationships between my friends, so it will be interesting to see what you all come up with!!
Q: So I have a really great girl. And things are going really awesome in our relationship. But my best friend also just happens to be a girl, and sometimes when I want to hang with her, my gf gets mad. She thinks I'd rather spend time with her than her. She KNOWS that I'm not romantically interested in my best friend, but she still gets upset when we spend a lot of time together. I want my gf to know how important she is to me, but I also want to spend time with my best friend! What do I do?!
so I've actually been in this situation but I was the one that was jealous.... I think you should try to hang with them at the same time...if they can get if they can't seem to get along then you have a decision to won't want to but you'll have to consider which is more important to you. Because the problems in your relationship will only get worse...
this is a tough one for me to answer but in order for your gf to be okay with you hanging with your bestie, they both need to have a lot of time spend together and know and understand the relationship you and your best friend have and vice versa. Best advice is for the two of them hang out with each other as much as's a long road ahead
hang out with both at the same time and maybe they could also hangout with each other by themselves. she needs to feel at ease in your relationship. But jealously does come from trust issues. it should get better but if it doesn't you might want to see what is causing her to be so anxious
hang out with both if them at the same time from time to time. I was in a similar situation, but I'm the best friend. I'm best friends with both if them and they both, especially my girl best friend, come to me. she'd get jealous if me and my guy best friend hung out a lot, so we invited her along a lot if the time. But, nit too much, I usually get left out mist if the time the three if us hang out now, just don't let that happen.
One last thing... sorry for the multiple comments... Anyways jealousy often comes from trust issues created by things that others have done to said person. you cannot blame or shame a person who is scarred or who may be suffering from a mental illness that puts degrading thoughts in their head. You should have a good solid conversation about her feelings, even if it's hard for her to open up about them offer her other avenues if she can't do face to face. understanding is just as important as trust in a relationship. It may be your friend she doesn't trust btw not you?
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