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Happy Sunday!! It's time for another L&R question to dive into. Remember that in order to win the title of Ultimate Advice Guru, you have to answer as many of these as possible!!
This one is pretty common in a lot of relationships between my friends, so it will be interesting to see what you all come up with!!
Q: So I have a really great girl. And things are going really awesome in our relationship. But my best friend also just happens to be a girl, and sometimes when I want to hang with her, my gf gets mad. She thinks I'd rather spend time with her than her. She KNOWS that I'm not romantically interested in my best friend, but she still gets upset when we spend a lot of time together. I want my gf to know how important she is to me, but I also want to spend time with my best friend! What do I do?!
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This is a tough one. She may have jealousy issues, but there is also good reasons because that potential for attractions can always be there. She may trust you, but she may not trust her. I would say to try and have them hang out together, but I have a feeling, especially since she feels this way, that she may not feel comfortable around her. This may be a situation where you have to choose what is more important to you.
Try and explain to her that it's not that easy. She's your best friend so you can't just not hang out with her anymore. On the other hand you want to let her know that you understand how she feels and you'll try to limit the amount of time you spend with your best friend. That's the best idea I can come up with honestly. And I've missed 3 days. Lol guess I'm not the ultimate love guru. But then, is already knew that 😁
you know the fucked up part is when you're the jealous gf and you know after only 1.5 years you pull that me or the friend bit he is gonna choose the friend. smh
how long has she become your best friend? is it longer than your partner? if yes..then just let remind her that first, she need to understand because she had just become a part of your life than your best friend. Jealousy is normal but if too much, can damage relationship.. but as a best friend, she also need to understand now you had a partner that need more attention and priority then just a best friend unless you just want to have fun with both of them.
I'm sorry you are going though that @MichelleHolly!!! I had someone like that in my life for a while (it didn't work out), but it was a lot of work affirming my bf that everything was ok and I wasn't interested... you know? @carmaa10 sorry I missed your comment!! if you need to talk I'm here:)