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Now I remember clearly, that day when everything went blank. He was crying on my shoulder covered in his mother's blood. He yelled, screamed and swore like never before and his tears had become crystal clear, for he had stopped crying and instead just stared at me. He told me: "Why would he do this?", "Why would he do this to her?!!". His father was not seen until the next day and he already knew it was him. I, out of all, should have remembered this, but yet, his sister's death was oblivious. His family didn't know what happened to her or where she was at that time, all they knew was that she was found dead, her body still in the clothes she wore that day and her hair in that same long braid I used to be curious about because it was very long. Like Mark, she was very quiet and mysterious, but I never wondered to ask any questions about her or why she was so quiet.
Mark asked me that same question again. I want to answer him but my head just won't let me. I want him so bad, I want him to be mine, my most precious confession, but, is it worth risking it?, telling him the truth about his sister?. I'm not the kind to express feelings too easily and outgoing, but with him, my feelings cannot be kept for long.
Why does he have to give me that look every single time I look at him?, Does he think my feelings are a joke?, why am I such a big baby?!!!.
I should tell him the truth about his sister's death, at least to bring him some closure about that day and release all his anger. I know you think it's bad of me to tell him or that it's not the right time, but he needs to know........ for his sake.
"I want you to know that I wasn't hiding this for my own intensions.... but for your heart."
"What is it?"
"It's about your sister..... and what happened to her that day."
I'm sorry for the short chapters you guys
like it even though they are short the curiosity is killing me lol and gets me excited to finding out whats next ?!!
tag me please I need to know what happens next!!!
Oh my gosh the cliff hangers! I'm dying!!!
ahh cliffhanger!!! Im liking this pov how its mostly in his head, very intriguing
omg this cliffhangers are going to be the death of me i swear but i still like it cause it gets me very curious about what's going to happen next and gets me excited about the next chapter that i just love it and the story i can't wait for chapter 4
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