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Honestly how awesome is the nickname "The FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST"!!! ED is truly an alchemical genius he figured a way to get everything him and Al wanted without using the "Devils research" stone!! This moment had me tearing up but also so extremely happy and surprised I never though he would be able to beat the "world, God, me, you, all and one" as its called. Love for FMA brotherhood my NAKAMA!! Another reason why it's voted numerous time the greatest anime of all time. Hiromu Arakawa truly is a genuis!! Even though in her manga she says her favorite things in manga to do is the bonus pages haha. She said she wished she could just do an entire manga of only bonus pages. Haha love her!! Anime is life!! & Manga 4 ever!!
@TurtleyTurtles the manga is actually brotherhood. They started creating the first FMA when hiromu was part way into fFMA. So brotherhood and FMA manga are actually both the same storylines. Brotherhood is similar but character and scenerio difference are pretty big. They are both good but brotherhood is awesome NAKAMA!!
Fullmetal Alchemist is definitely one of my top animes. I haven't seen Brotherhood yet, but it's next, after I finish the original one again. Can't wait to see the story from the manga... I don't really read a lot of manga, so I've never read this one.
brother hood had great graphics, but the original was better in every way possible; except graphics brother hood bet them on that.
I wish they could have made more episodes instead of a remake, it would have been better.
@LuffyNewman Yeah, I've read that it follows the manga closely. I can't wait to watch it. I'm about to see Hohenheim (sp?) in the original anime. It's awesome when you feel the same feels when watching an anime you've already seen. I'm definitely looking forward to a different ending, too. It was good in it's own way, but I just wanna see them get their bodies back and go home to where they belong.