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hello everyone I decided to make this card to get to know everybody a little better (also to brush up on my social skills:p). have you ever had favorite Marvle game were no matter how many times you beat it you just keep playing it cuz it soo good or have you ever played a marvle game were it beat you and it drove you crazy... well I have both a favorite one an f one I never beat
Maximum carnage by far was my favorite( and first) marvle game this game was not only great for its time but it was hell of hard to beat. it had a lot of famous heros and anti heros on here like iron fist, black cat, and even caption America. I still play this game even today on my snes. side not I actually got this game for helping a friend of the family move and it was the limited red cartridge
spiderman and the X men is also one of my top favorite Marvle Games but sadly I never got the chance to beat this game it Literally is soooo hard I only managed to beat wolverine, Gambit, and storms stories I could never finish spiderman and cyclops. this game made me brake a Nintendo controller . anyway I'm interested to know everybody's favorite Marvle games.
@shannonl5 mines turned into a nail shop,/massage place :P
@jevonlowery ugh right? Mine was directly in between my mom's and dad's places so whenever I'd go to one or the other I'd stop at Blockbuster. It's a tanning salon now T_T
@shannonl5 I know how you feel I use to rent that game at a local video store until they closed 馃槩
oh no! I never beat that one either. I didn't own it, the people who watched me after school did so once I stopped going there I never played again T_T
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