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First of I would like to apologize because I haven't updated in a while because my Dog Roxy died recently at the age of 8. I sincerely apologize I will also be updating my kpop meme colloection today.
14.List your favorite 5 songs and why. My favorite Vixx songs are 1. Chained up 2. Rock ur body 3. Light up the darkness 4. Maze and 5. Beautiful liar (Vixxlr)
Though the lyrics are a bit 'sexual' Chained ups a really good song with a nice beat and its really easy to dance to which I like in a song.
I like this song because its got really cute lyrics. I also really like this song because like I said before its really easy to dance to
I REALLY love the chorus! The members of Vixx voices really match well!
I really like the beat to this song and the lyrics are really well written.
I have no words to describe how amazing this song is. Its lyrics have such a deep meaning and the music itself is really nice.❤