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"Y/N~" Eh? Someone was calling me. I opened my eyes in the darkness of my room to see what was saying my name. Jungkook shifted in his bed on the other side of the room. "Y/N~" He said again. Oh. He was just sleep talking, how cute. I turned on the table lamp beside me to see his face. "No, no, no!" His voice sounded a little panicked. Should I be worried? "Y/N!" Now he was clutching his pillow and kicking slightly while saying my name over and over, sounding angrier each time. "Don't! Y/N! No! Y/N! Please!" I got up and walked over to his bed.
"Kookie?" I gently shook his shoulder to wake him but he continued to say things. "Kookie! Jungkookie! Wake up!" I shook him some more but he now started to sound a little sad.
"No... Y/N... Please..." A few tears slipped down his cheek and onto his pillow that he continued to clutch. I held his hand to try and calm him down. To my surprise he firmly held my hand and calmed down somewhat.
"Kookie..." I dried the tears from his cheek and sat in the edge of his bed. His eyes opened sleepily and looked at me. At first he seemed confused then embarrassed.
"Y/N!?!" He let go of my hand then sat up straight. "Why...wait...what?" Jungkook looked down at his hand that held mine then at me. "Why was I holding your hand? I-I didn't mean to! I'm sorry!" I giggled at his embarrassment then moved beside him.
"I took your hand first. Don't worry." While he processed what had happened I grabbed his hand again with both of my hands. "You were having a bad dream so I held your hand until you woke up. It sounded like a really bad dream because you started thrashing. And you kept saying my name and please and other things." I watched his face turn red then let go of his hands.
"You didn't need to, really. I don't even understand the dream, so I should be fine. Thanks anyways for calming me down. I probably needed it more than I'll admit." I nodded then got up to go back to my bed. "Wait." Jungkook gripped my wrist and tugged at it. "I'm still a bit shaky from the dream." He instantly regretted asking me to stay with him. His face went back to it's reddish tone. "It's fine if I talk about it to you, right?" I nodded then sat cross-legged on his bed to listen. "Alright, so..."
For the next half hour Jungkook told me his nightmare about loosing me. I understood why he was so scared. After he finished telling me his dream he set his head on my shoulder and fell asleep. I smiled then set him down in his bed and covered him with his blanket.
"Sweet dreams, Kookie." I walked back over to my bed and went back to sleep.
"Y/N! We gotta get going now. You have an hour to get ready so get up now." I opened my eyes and saw Jungkook standing beside my bed. "Hurry up and get to the kitchen so you can eat. One hour until we have to leave." Jungkook grabbed my arm and dragged me out of my bed and room before I could get a single word out of my mouth. "Go sit and I'll get you food." I walked over to the table and sat with the others who also seemed sleepy except Namjoon. "Here." Jungkook set a bowl of cereal in front of me and a spoon.
"I've never had this cereal before. I guess this is only in Korean stores." Jin nodded while he ate to answer my question. "Could I please have some apple juice, please?" Someone brought me my juice and I thanked the person without looking up.
"Now, breakfast done. You can just put your bowls in the sink, we'll get them later." Jin said. We all did as we were told and got ready. Half an hour later we were all ready and left for the Big Hit building. I was greeted kindly by all of the staff when I introduced myself. Apparently the idols are close with the staff. Everyone was warm to me except the receptionist that brought in the envelope a few days ago. She still looked at me with envy. No one really noticed it except me.
"Y/N, it's great to see you again, though I am sure we will be seeing each other often now." BTS' manager stepped in from somewhere. "Please follow me to where you will be working. I will be having someone else tell you in detail what you will be doing. For now, I will give you a summary." We walked into a office area with rooms that are like cubicles but cooler. "We have this office here to work at. You are near the boys' offices in case anything happens. Their offices are just down there is you need them. For now you only have a cheap computer and other necessities for this job, but you can replace it later. Now, I have some meeting to attend to. See ya later y/n." Then he left.
My "office" consisted of two wooden tables, one on each side of the office, a computer that looked not very old, a few office necessities, and a list of numbers and names. I looked closer at the list and saw that it was the phone numbers and office numbers of various people for various reasons. I waited a bit longer for the person to come in to introduce me to my job and explain it to me. I was told that I would help promote BTS and make them look appealing since I was a social scientist.
"Ugh. It's been almost an hour. Where is she?" I sat in the chair mindlessly spinning around when the door to my office opened.
"Sorry I'm late miss. I had to take a call." A woman said.
"It's fine." At the time I had my back tuned from the door but then turned around.
"'" It was the receptionist.
Heheheh...that was actually a last minute idea to have her have a place in the story. So, I'm sick, and that means I might write more! To be honest, I just write whatever is on my mind for the story, then, boom! Story! It works, but I need better ideas. Suggestions are great since I don't have much of a plan for this story. So, drop feedback, suggestions, and questions in the comments! I hope you're enjoying the story! Boing~
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