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This trend will test just how daring you may be.

Leave it up to New York Fashion Week to unleash a trend that would not only turn heads, but would keep your cuticles extremely warm. Literally. Libertine models strutted down the runway this past week rocking fur on their fingers.
Because we all know that the chill factor in New York has been ridiculous, so why not rock fur coats on your fingers -- right? Style director and co-founder of CND Nail Polish, Jan Arnold came up with this concept and while it might not be the norm, it's definitely creating a buzz -- or a fur, in this case. There's a rabbit somewhere shivering. Call me crazy, but I'm kind of loving this. It's different. Can't say I would walk into the next nail salon I see with a baby rabbit, but you never know.

What are your thoughts on this new trend?

Would you give it a try?
This is fine for the runway or a photoshoot; however, it is not ok for everyday. I agree with @EasternShell and it is very unsanitary. It will also probably scare men, children, and people in general. lol
Chewbacca! Nope not a kool trend. I wouldn't even consider it a's plan weird!
No... Just no. It's really weird. And as @TaehyungKey kinda mentioned... you could get things on them that you don't want on them. Lol.
That's a big No on the sasquach look for me!!!!
Looks like their nails are growing some kind of parasite.
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