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"Y/N! RUN! THEY'RE COMING! WE NEED TO GO! NOW! I CAN HEAR THEM!" Taehyung grabbed my hand and ran as fast as he could. I tripped over black clad corpses and guns. No matter how fast I ran, I just couldn't keep up with Taehyung. Even with the facility's training, I still cannot run very fast. "Y/N!" I could tell by his voice that he was scared out of his mind. He slowed down to my running pace and encouraged me to continue going.
"Tae..." I whined. "I can't, I just can't!" Then I tripped over something and fell hard. Taehyung stopped to help me but I refused. "Just go on, maybe they'll think I died from exhaustion and pass me by." I sat against a wall smeared with someone's blood and tried to catch my breath.
"NO! If you get caught then you'll get killed! They'll take you away! I will carry you if I have to but then they'll catch us both! Now, we HAVE to go! Come on, y/n!" Taehyung pulled me up by the collar of my shirt then grabbed my hand. "We're almost there, just keep running until we make it." I nodded and started running with Taehyung down streets upon streets of bodies and blood. Black clothed bodies and simple clothed bodies were strewn here and there, some in strange positions. Blood covered many of the bodies that bloomed from gun shot wounds.
"They've already been here?!" I was horrified by the scene but kept running. We ran down a long, straight street with more bodies against walls and a dumpster full of bodies. Suddenly gunfire rang in my ears and something wet hit the hand that was holding Taehyung's. I quickly looked at Taehyung's arm and saw a slit in his shirt with blood flowing out of it. Another gunshot rang in my ears and Taehyung started falling forward. "TAEHYUNG!!!"
The light in his eyes were already going out and blood steadily flowed our of a hole in his back. "Just keep running, the password is 'No one can have me.' You can trust everyone there, they'll keep you safe. Just keep running until you see a run-down restaurant, go inside and go to the storage room, say the password and keep living. Now go!" I sat crying while I held his hand, and then his heart stopped beating.
"NOOO!!!" I screamed into the air. Now they'll be able to find me easily, so I squeezed his limp hand one more time then continued running. I hadn't gotten far before another gunshot filled the air and everything went blank.
"Y/N!" Taehyung? "Y/N! Are you okay?!" Someone shook my shoulder until I opened my eyes. "Are you okay? Did you have a nightmare? You can tell me if you want to." I sat up and looked at Taehyung's concerned face. "Okay now?" I nodded and realized I had cried some. "Want to tell me your dream?" I nodded again and waited for him to sit on my bed beside me and I told him the entire thing. "Well, I'm here and alive. I always will be, okay? Now, get back asleep." He calmed me to sleep then also went to sleep.
"Wake up! Y/N!" Someone nearly screamed into my ear. I sat bolt upright before opening my eyes and hit my forehead against someone else's. "Agh! Y/N! That really hurt!" I sat and rubbed my head before I saw who it was. Taehyung sat on the edge of my bed and rubbed his forehead before standing before me. "You're a really heavy sleeper, now you have half an hour to get ready, no breakfast. You can probably get something there, but right now you need to get ready" Then he walked out of the room towards the bathroom.
I got up and did my morning routine as quickly as possible so I could at least eat something. After 15 minutes I was completely ready and presentable. Hurriedly, I looked in the refrigerator and pantry for anything. The only quick thing I could find was an apple, but I ate it anyways. Everyone was ready to leave a few minutes later and we left for the Big Hit building.
"Y/N!" I tuned and saw BTS manager waving happily at me. "It's so nice to see you again! To start, I'm going to have one of the staff show you your office. I would do it myself, but I have a few things I need to get to immediately. One of the staff will introduce you to the job and inform you on what you will be doing here." He gestured for someone to come out and watched a woman quietly walk out of a side room.
"Hello there! You're y/n, right? I was told I was going to teach you how your job works. It's kinda like mine, so we'll be working together." She smiled and held out her hand. "I'm Kim HeiShik, but you can call me Shik if you want to." I shook her hand and followed her to the elevator while she continued to talk about her place here. After the elevator ride, we walked down what felt like a maze of halls. "This is your office, mine is right there if you need anything. The BTS boys' are just over there if you need them. I've been given the run-down about your situation, if you don't mind, could I ask you about your experience? O-only if you feel comfortable talking about it, of course!"
"It's fine. For now, could you tell me about my job? I want to be as much help as I can." I walked into the little office and looked around at the place. A somewhat-nice computer sat on one of the two wooden desks and a black roller chair was in the center.
"Alright, so you'll be-" She was cut off by someone knocking on the door.
"HeiShik? Is that you?" Someone, sounded like a woman, opened the door. She held some folders in her hands and looked through one as she walked in. "There you are, I need some help. With the new girl coming in, I might need some extra..." She looked up at me then realized who I was, the new comer. "" The receptionist looked at me with envy and curiosity.
Drama~~~ Not the cool, Korean ones. I've been sick lately, but I'm feeling better. I'm tired right now, but I'm always tired. This story is coming along nicely, in my opinion. I would recommend that you read each member's story in a row before reading another member's so it seems like a one lane story. I need some suggestions for each member's story line. So, drop some feedback, suggestions, and questions in the comments! I hope you are enjoying the story as much as I am! Boing~
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