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Yup just as I thought. I did not look at the sign until now because I was going to suspend my subscription because I really only wanted the Deadpool box. With that said and the Deadpool Corps box was a win, I am going to commit to the Civil War box. Here is the website to sign up! My current membership is called collector, it goes month by month and I'm happy that I have the control to stop the membership instead of looking myself in for a year and post up all that money at one time, especially since I am healing from the kidney transplant.

You have 56 Days to sign up for this civil war box!

Here is a peak at the past boxes! I already showed you my Deadpool Corps box, so here are the other above that I could not jump on. Btw I really wanted last December box! To the point that
There are other companies that do loot boxes at a cheaper rate and they come every month. You can check out loot crate. I am thinking about jumping in to see whats up, but by looking at the past boxes, I have a feeling I would be setting myself for a let down. Also Loot Crate offers different Theme crates such as video games and Anime. Note you can't mix subscription. You would have to cancel one and hot to another. Currently they have a Walking Dead meets Deadpool crate that is still available four 3 days if you want to sang it!
Here is a look at past look crates and they promise 45 dollars worth of mech in each shipment every month.
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I just got mine :) and I'm about to put pics of my Deadpool one :) @LAVONYORK
I wish they can let you buy old boxes, because the villains and the guardians of the galaxy box looks awesome.
The Secret Wars one actually looks really cool
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