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Well this card took me a long time to make. Finding some of the stuff for this scavenger hunt was kind of difficult, annnnndddd I kept getting distracted by other things cx But I made sure not to do this one last minute so that I didn't have to work on this while I was tired as crap, like the last one XD Well here are my results for this scavenger hunt, please enjoy! ^-^

1. Favorite BIGBANG music video pre-Alive era.

I haven't heard that many songs by them before their Alive era since I've mostly been jamming out to their newer songs. But as I was looking through my list of songs that I like by Big Bang I spotted this song. So far, Tell Me Goodbye is my favorite pre-Alive era song. I really like how G-Dragon's hair looks in this music video. Oh, and T.O.Ps hair is beautiful!!!!

2. TOP fan art.

Hmmm I seem to have chose only T.O.P fan art pictures with his blue hair.... That's fine!! These are beautiful pictures!!!! Hopefully I'll be able to draw fan art of them soon, but they won't be as nearly as good as these until I practice for a couple of years.

3. Pictures of each member with the hair color you think looks best on them.

I actually thought really hard about what hair colors I liked best on them. I was actually trying to figure this out for awhile now, but I kept putting it off. Now Helixx had to come along and make me choose!!!! But if I had to choose one hair color for all of the Big Bang members it would have to be white. I had to choose really hard between all these colors and white. I just really love white hair on all of them I guess :l But I think I like these hair colors more, so I didn't even end up choosing white for any of them XD And G-Dragon needs to choose different hairstyles to go with his red hair!!!! I don't really like any of them, except the hairstyle he had at MAMA.... But even that one is not my favorite hairstyle... >.<
G-Dragon: Red hair
T.O.P: Mint blue hair
Taeyang: Black hair
Daesung: Brown hair
Seungri: Black hair

4. Videos of your two favorite covers of Taeyang's Eyes, Nose, Lips from any artists, Kpop or not.

I haven't heard any of the covers for Eyes, Nose, Lips so I had to do some researching to find ones that I really liked, and these were the two I picked. I really like the girl in the first video's voice and how she sings the song. And in the second video, I thought that this girl did a really good job in singing this song in English since it sounds really good! The Michael Buble cover was also really nice to hear, since my mom loves Michael Buble and it was just super surprising to hear him since this song!! I didn't choose him though because I liked these videos more :l

5. Pictures of each member of BIGBANG with facial hair.

Daesung just needs to grow some facial hair just so that we could find a picture of him with facial hair!!!! >.> But I personally like them better without facial hair, especially G-Dragon. They just look better without any, in my opinion.

6. Video of Seungri getting picked on by the other members.

I feel bad for Seungri after watching a couple videos of him getting picked on! But he has to respect his hyungs and let it happen XD

7. Picture, video or gif of a member of BIGBANG making a reference to my home state of Michigan.

Well this one was hard.... I barely remembered that Detroit was in Michigan when I first saw this picture, but thankfully I remembered or I would've been stuck for hours!!!! cx

8. Video of your favorite BIGBANG collaboration.

I haven't actually heard any Big Bang collaboration songs, so I had to do some more research by listening to a couple of songs. I choose this song because it's actually a pretty enjoyable song! I really love how the Big Bang members are dressed up and I'm actually digging GD's hair in this video! Also, I love how T.O.P's voice sounds in this song, and how G-Dragon says "rainbow". Another song I liked was Prayer by Taeyang featuring Teddy, but it was mostly Taeyang singing so I didn't choose it.

9. 1 picture or gif of each of the following G-Dragon body parts: legs, teeth, fingers and eyebrows.

Well this is an.... interesting request.... XD But I will admit, I love G-Dragon's smile!!!! So looking for pictures of his teeth was just fine for me ^.^

10. Video of a BIGBANG member imitating the president of YG.

Okay, this video made me laugh XD It was even better when everyone else was also laughing at his imitation XD "Do you want to die?" Best part in the video!!!! XD

11. Pictures of 3 items you would like to give Daesung and why.

Ummm this was more difficult than it should've been. I just couldn't think of anything that I wanted to give Daesung....But I finally figured it out!!!!
1. A hug!!!! That is the very first thing that I would want to give Daesung, or any idol in fact!!!!
2. Big Bang Dolls!!!! These are such adorable dolls of them!! I would totally want to give them to Daesung!!!!
3. Socks.... He seems like the kind of person who would like socks, annnnndddd it would just be a random fun gift give him!! cx
*Gives Daesung a big hug and tries to contain fangirling. Tells him that I have a gift for him and walks back with a huge pile of socks in my arms*
Daesung: "Ummmm.... Thanks?"
Me: "Accept my gift and love me."
*Daesung and the other members just give each other confused looks as I give them a big smile and hand over the socks*

12. Picture, video or gif of each member of BIGBANG interacting with an animal.

Animals and Big Bang. Two things that I love!!!! Don't they all just look so adorable with these animals!?! Personally, I'm jealous of all these animals and of Big Bang. I want Big Bang, but I also want the animals that they're with cx I want that tiger G-Dragon!! But you can be mine also! C:
Look! Big Bang as bunnies!!!! :D :D :D :D
*Not really but pretend that they are :3
Well these are what I found for the scavenger hunt. I hope I did a good job and I hope that whoever looks at this card enjoyed it! I really enjoy doing these scavenger hunts and finding all these random things, even when I'm tired as hell cx Well I hope you all have a fantastic day and continuing loving Big bang!!!! See ya!
"If forgetting me will give you freedom baby, oh tell me goodbye, oh tell me goodbye."
-Tell Me Goodbye by Big Bang

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