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Everyday, the internet blesses me with some new bit of cool information.
Today, I caught wind of a new wave that is sweeping the culinary world: the edible spoon.
This groundbreaking machine allows home cooks to dream of one day living in a reality where doing the dishes is a thing of the past.
The machine has four different molds in the shape of a spoon. All you do is place some dough in one of the molds, bake it for three minutes, and boom, you’ve got yourself an edible eating utensil.
Can you imagine going to a place where the plate, fork, knife and spoon are edible?

This is pretty cool, don't you think?

@turkeyturtles yeah, these look like a blast for sure!
What an idea! If I got one, I'd experiment with all kinds of doughs! They're not available yet, but you can be notified when they are, here:
@christianmordi these spoon makers definitely are cool! I'm at Sydney so everything's more expensive here (sigh) but I'm hoping it'll roughly be the same price as a sandwich presser? Or similar to pop cake maker?
@@animaniafreak these are cool right? What do you think is a fair price for one of these machines?
Now, where can I get me one of those ingenious little spoon baking machine?