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@atmi wow...you are one brave soul! I am not fond of having 1 pint of blood sucked out of me hahah
thanks @RaquelArredondo you know when sometimes you feeling down like you are not worth it to others then this is one ways you can prove to yourself that your blood can help save other people life.. 😌
@atmi honestly, that's a beautiful way to put it! I mean I must admit, I have had those feelings before and helping others made me realize that I'm not exactly a lost cause, you know?
yes.. you right.
@RaquelArredondo @atmi you guys have such great attitudes about it ☺️ that's absolutely true, we all have valuable things to give to others, whether it's a helping hand or just some blood haha. There are tons of ways to give back 😊 and I agree Raquel, focusing on other people has always made me feel better about myself. It's a weird but good cycle!