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Cab drivers HATE Uber.
For years, many cab drivers have gotten away with overcharging and mistreating customers. Uber provides a more comfortable ride at a lower rate. As a result, cab drivers are losing business and are pissed over it.
Last night, comedian Hannibal Buress told Seth Meyers the story of a cab ride gone bad upon mentioning Uber in the drivers presence.
Quick recap on the story below:
Hannibal Buress was in Toronto for the NBA All-Star Game last weekend, where it was hellishly cold as the entire northeast had been blasted with a cold snap. So, even though he was staying only a few blocks from the arena, Buress and his cousin grabbed a cab to get to Sunday’s game.
Unfortunately, that turned out to be a mistake as the cab driver tried to pull that flat rate nonsense, trying to charge them 20 bucks to take them a few blocks.
The driver eventually relented and condescendingly offered to take them for free, which was when Buress was reminded that Uber is a very sensitive subject to cabbies, by telling him, “That’s why Uber is crushing you guys.”
This sent the driver into a hell bent tizzy. Probably due to the dollars he has lost to nicer Uber drivers.
Cab drivers may want to adapt with the times, or they will continue to get crushed.
emm.. it seem this uber issues are around the world like in my country too
Did you see those Uber/Lyft protests in Paris? (I think it was Paris.)