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Jb has come the closest to taking away Jackson's title as Ultimate Bias of all the male kpop idols. Others do make me fangirl but Jackson's spot is safe. But when it comes to Jaebum...... It's a close call. Jackson is still my Ultimate bias because he continues to amaze me with his limitless perfection.
Jb is the first person that comes to mind when I think of the word manly. Not because of looks or body. But because of the way he leads and guides got7. The way he takes all the burden on himself and cares for the others like they are his children. He can be harsh at time and we all know about his temper but that shows how passionate he is. Also his broad shoulders do add to that a little.........
He watches over the members carefully with a wise eye.
I couldn't agree more.......
I love it when he looks at them with that smile. That fatherly "I love my kids" smile. But under that manly exterior.......................
Is a big dork 😝 I love all sides of him.
Make a card about your favorite kpop leader. Or who you think is the manliest kpop idol.
JB is the my ultimate bias!!! Just look at that face
ugh si, he's about be THE Ultimate bias for me πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😳
MINE TOO GIRL... Welcome to the JB'S blackhole. .haha. I created a whole bunch of cards on him.. one day that I went crazy for him lol