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Really these awesome cartoons would make great anime!!

Cartoon : adventure time

Cartoon : Gravity falls!! This is my all time favourite cartoon!! It has so many hidden messages on the show and codes this is a brilliant cartoon!

Cartoon :Danny phantom!! There will be a part 2!!! And what pic do you love the best and which cartoon is you favourite??

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i lowkey have always loved Marcelline and Mabel i love them even more now
2 years agoReply
Yes 100% to Danny Phantom
2 years agoReply
Danny Phantom was my shit. I LOVE that show.
2 years agoReply
I would so watch more adventure time if it were like this. *wonders what regular show would look like anime style*
2 years agoReply
Danny Phantom and Adventure Time are the best
2 years agoReply