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Man I love Wheel of Fortune.
Wheel of Fortune is one of those shows that you can interact with alone or with friends. It's sometimes challenging and always a ton fun.
Every once in awhile, you get a real good chuckle from the show, as you get to see a show contestant have a huge brain fart on national television. Yesterday, was one of those days.
Last night, the couple correctly solved the puzzle “gondola ride through Venice,” which they get to do, as their prize.
Things hit the fan when Pat Sajak says, “Let’s check your geography knowledge. What country do you think we’re sending you to?”
David doesn’t skip a beat: “Paris.” Cue audience laughter. “France.”
“Do we still get it?” his embarrassed wife Keri asks, as Pat doubles over in laughter. Pat couldn't help himself and gets in another joke at David’s expense: “Apparently you know your husband well.”
I can't blame Pat for the cheap shot. Probably best he admitted he didn't know where Venice was before blurting out a wrong answer.
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I can't believe Pat has been hosting that show for over 30 years. That is seriously nuts. I'd imagine my humor would get a little dry at that point too lol.