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Family Feud has come a long way from what it used to be 25 years ago.
While the show still has staying power, today's contestants have changed dramatically. The answers are more odd, loose and funnier than ever. A prime example of this is the questionable answer a contestant let fly on a recent episode.
Question: It’s the first day of the New Year! Why aren’t YOU getting out of bed?
Danny's answer: (with confidence) Because you're dead.
Steve was shocked. I didn't think death could be funny, but I had to let out a chuckle myself. 20 years ago, even if someone was thinking this was the answer, they wouldn't have had the courage to let this one loose.
I mean, did he really think that "Dead" was gonna be on the board?
@YumiMiyazaki True story. Made sense to me!
my faith in humanity. ya know what, screw it. that was the best answer ever. he said it like he's done it. that man has been places and seen things xD
Dannys answer was great and should have been on the board.