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♡ DAY 12 ♡

12) Would you rather have Jin the mom or the pure Jungkook find your blog?

Is this a trick question???

Well I don't exactly have a blog...soooo...I guess I would have to answer this as if I did ya?

Ok, so, if I had a blog and Jin found it, I feel as if I would disappoint him greatly because, let's be honest here.

I'm a pervert.

HAHAHA ahhhhh poor kookie would never be pure minded ever again (that is if he was to begin with)

I'm gonna have to go with Jin on this one. I can't ruin wat little innocence kookie has left!

^^^Haha ok it wasn't me that time!

If you would like to be added or removed from the tag list tell me now or forever hold your peace!

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like the picture at the end 😂😂