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JiminXReader Genre: Fluff/Angst/Semi-smut
After a long night of you and Jimin having fun, it had to end at some point. So you and Jimin sat in his car for a while, just talking about life, school, anything really. But the topic that still plagued your mind was in the gym where Jimin said, Shes Mine What did he mean by that? Could he have possibly liked you back?
Hey Jimin You interrupted him mid-sentence, What did you mean when you came up to me and Tae and said shes mine? He blushed hard at your words and tried to hide his face from you, I-I dont know.. It was just the first words that came out of my mouth 
Did you… mean something by it? You took his hand and he gazed into your eyes. He had no idea what to do. He knew he liked you, but was now really the best time to confess his feelings towards you? Did he want to risk a friendship? He didnt even know if you liked him back. What if you didnt feel the same way? Then how would life turn out? Would you still be under the same roof? 
Jimin really wanted to confess to you, hes been planning on it for a while now. But all of those questions took its place inside of his head, and he got worried about what you would say. Even some nights he would have dreams and thoughts about what it would be like for him to be your boyfriend. He didnt deny the fact that he absolutely loved it. Kissing you, holding your hand, embracing you, and cuddling you. Plus the fact that youll always be together because you live together. But then that brings up the thought of what would happen if you broke up. 
There were only a few downsides of dating you according to him, everything else was a plus. So yeah, this was the time. Hes going to do it 
I like you he said bluntly. This took you aback, W-What? 
he stared into your eyes and squeezed your hand tighter, I like you. I know this isnt like me to confess to you, being a playboy and all. But Ill change my ways! If youll be my girlfriend that is… Ill really commit to our relationship! Ill make sure youre always happy! Ill kill any one that touches you.
I fell for you because I had no idea what your true side was. But after you opened up to me, I couldnt help but totally fall for your personality. Which led me to crazy dreams and thoughts about dating you. He rubbed his neck, I loved it…
I know you probably dont feel the same but, if you give me some time, Ill get over my feelings-
You interrupted him with a kiss and he smiled into it. 
He looked at you with wide eyes, Shut up you laughed, I get it! I like you too, okay? You dont need to get over your feelings There was a silence in the car for a while, Then, what does that make us? he asked
Hmm, I dont know 
No no no! Dont tell me I confessed all of those feelings towards you and youre not even going to go out with me! 
You giggled as he looked around the car, flustered, Then I guess Im your girlfriend you smile. He pauses and looks at you, Really?
Yes of course! But I swear if you cheat on me with another girl, youre really going to get it 
No no! I wont! I promise! I actually really want to commit to our relationship His legs were bouncing up and down with anticipation, I-Im sorry, but can I kiss you again? Ive been waiting too long to feel your mouth on mine. And now that I finally have, I dont think Ill be able to have enough of it 
You just smile before leaning in. The kiss was sweet and it melded together perfectly, like you found your other half. 
Lets go home he smiles, pulling away. You nod your head in agreement and intertwine his hand in yours as he drives off.
falling in love with this story... word of advice in one sentence quote: "Ive been waiting too long to feel your mouth on mine." instead of using "mouth" because it sounded weird wen i read it, you can substitute mouth for lips, "lips on mine" it sounds better. but other than that very lovely!!
wwwaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! they're so cute!!!!!
wait wait I haven't read this one have I tag me on the first part please
tag me please
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