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So I stumbled upon this BTS Try Not To Fangirl Challenge. I personally made it to level 6 before my fangirl reared her awkward little head... then level 9 sent my pulse racing, and level 10 was very nice...

All in all, it was fun but I was actually a little disappointed by the clips this guy chose. I can definitely think of some fangirl-inducing footage of the guys that would put us all over the edge.

Let me know what you guys think and how how many levels you made it through before your fangirl started showing.

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@JaxomB i just didnt realize it was wooyoung lol
Made it all the way through with a completely straight face 😅 You didn't get me this time Kookie! It maybe cause I'm not an open fan girl. I tend to be very toned down, until dancing is brought into the equation. And phenomenal singing that gives me goosebumps. I mainly explode when I see new choreography that is just amazing. 😍
@11erinmims same for me like when i saw the baepsae choreo fancams i fangirled so hard but while most were about the hipthrusting (which i didnt mind at all of course) i mainly fangirled over the choreo its amazing. i really hope they promote it which if they wasnt why do they have a choreo?! lol
I tried this before and fangirled at Kookies 'Run' face 😂😂
I made it..it was close a few times, But I did it. the gods were mercifUl