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Since Mariano Rivera retired, the Yankee bullpen has been a weak spot for the franchise.
While players like Mariano come around once every 25 years, it still surprised many how fragile this part of the lineup has been for this team. Combining the shaky bullpen with starting pitching that can't go deep into games, and you have a serious roster issue.
The Yankees were looking to solve the bullpen problem sooner than later, and may have found a solution in Aroldis Chapman.
Problem is, Chapman comes with a lot of baggage.
In the case of Aroldis Chapman, the New York Yankees were forced to weigh the value of performance on the field against the taint of bad behavior off the field.
His pending domestic abuse case create a eyesore for the players and fans that can't be ignored. As fans, many people look up to their favorite player. It's hard to see any parent (barring this case is true) pushing their kid to emulate a guy who has taken part in domestic violence.
With that being said, he's an incredible ball player, and if healthy could be a pivotal piece in the teams success in 2016.

Is Aroldis Chapman worth the headache for the Yankees?

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I mean with Chapman, they're going to have the best bullpen in the why not?