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J.K. Rowling is an amazing person.
Her rise to greatness is one for the ages, and based on quotes, interviews and the way she handles herself on social media, she seems like a blast to be around.
Today, Rowling continues to set herself aside from the pack, as she delivered a shocking quote of a rap lyric today on social media.
While many would expect her to quote Jay-Z, Biggie or Tupac, Rowling displayed amazing range by paying homage to Chamillionaire on Twitter.
That's right, Chamillionaire.
Rowling was hanging on Twitter as always when she saw her conversation screencapped and retweeted without context.
A twitter troll followed that up with some hate of their own, saying "Reading @jk_rowling timeline is a dull affair but worth a swatch just to see all little piglets of Scottish hackery suckling at her teats."
Rather than get upset, Rowling let loose a clever response, saying "They see me Rowlin'
They hatin'" which also apart of Chamillionaire's hit song "Ridin."
After several Twitter users alerted Chamillionaire to Rowling dropping “Ridin'” allusions, he had to respond with respect, which is listed in the image above.
Isn't Rowling the best? I would love to see those two meet up for a picture and convo soon.
lmao thats fucking great!
She is something😊 Good for her.