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Okayy, so I like watching Megan and her YouTube videos! They are totally amazing and they help me out a lot to learn Korean!
Anyways!! Well she posted a video today which I wanted to share since it's really funny.
The group, ToppDogg, is in this video and they basically have to guess how to say each western female name that Megan gives them. It's really funny!
Tagging Some Awesome People That I Think Will Enjoy This:
why am I just now finding out about them....they are so cute and make me laugh
my name is Breanna, so hearing them say it (different spelling, same pronunciation) was weird o-o
@Jinnyrod3 @Mightmuffin Aww Luckies!! I would love to hear at least one k-idol say my name but my name isn't very common -_-
Oh coolz! my name is Jeannette too!!! @Jinnyrod3
say my name say my name when no one is around you, say baby I love you
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