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Wow, 29 chapters, and we're not even close to done, its only 1963! Anyway, thanks for all the support and loving this fic as much as you do! It means so much! You rock!
Emotions were on edge as they got back to the mansion, JJ rubbibg his head slightly. Remembering really hurt, and he just knew that by the end of the day he'd be loveless yet again. Something in the way Raven was moving gave away more than she was saying. He didn't like the looks of this as he flopped down on the bed in their shared room. "This sucks..." he breathed, body glowing a soft shade of blue to heal any damage he may have suffered. Raven held an arm over her eyes as she let out an exasperated sigh, relaxing into their king size shared bed. She wasn't sure what to say, but she knew she was hurting. It was more emotionally than physically though, and she felt as though she might cry. "It really does. Maybe if we'd been paying closer attension it wouldn't have happened." she murmured softly, letting out another soft sigh. All the mix of hormones and emotions wasn't causing her to think straight enough to make herself filter. She might have blown it worse than running from him at the aisle. JJ raised an eyebrow, his carefully placed mask showing no real emotion. "You think this was my fault, Raven? we were hit by a drunk driver. if its anyone's fault, its the guy who hit us." he defenend, not realizing She hadn't solely blamed him nor would she. One of her jobs as a copilot is to watch the road, and she had failed at that. Raven shook her head. "No, if youbhadb't of been locked in your dreamworld, we wouldn't have gotten hit and I wouldn't have miscarried!" she retorted back, temper flaring now. Both of them were going through the stress and shock differently, yet neither could realize this due to rage. JJ was to blinded by his already ripped raw emotions that he wouldn't let her eveb attemp to explain if she could. Instead he just walked away, throwing the pretty sapphire and ruby anklet he'd made her on the bed. Both parties emotions were on high, and without a mediator, their relationship had just gone down in flames again. Maybe they weren't meant to be after all.
It was 4 months later on a dark stormy night when Raven started to have intense pain in her abdomen. She had never really wondered why she seemed tk still be expanding, chalking it up to just getting fat. Now that she was on her own, she was under alot of stress. Stress makes you fat. Raven gathered her purse and hurried to the emergency room, howling in pain as she appeared. She could feel her dress and legs getting saturated. It wasn't possible, was it? She passed out before she had her answer. Raven screamed for JJ as she intook quick breaths. She stillbhad no clue how this was possible. That accident should have caused her to miscarry, yet here she wasbin labor, 4 months later. After 6 hoursnof crying, screaming and swearing, the nurses finally presented her wwith a tiny baby whos eyes mirrored his father's and pale milky skin with just a hint of a blue to it. She cried softly, both happy and sad tears. "My sweet little Krystoffer Charles.... Te iubesc, Iubitel." she wispered softly, kissing his little head before curling him close to her and falling asleep. (*I love you, adored one in romanian)