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Jin: He would home finding the whole place a mess and a new eccentric puppy chewing on a pair of his favorite shoes before running off to cause a mess somewhere else.
Jagi… Im not mad, but what is this?!
Suga: You had expected him to be stubborn about this and you give him a really long speech, pointing out the advantages of having a pet and wait for him to argue you. To your surprise he would just shrug and agree without a fight.
Ok, sounds good.
J-Hope: He had been building up the nerve to ask if you wanted a dog, so when you ask him first, he gets super happy and starts ranting about what kind to get.
Seriously?! Of course I want one! Do you want a small or big dog? What color? What do we name it?
Rap Monster: When you tell him you want a pet, but are worried about the responsibilities that will come with getting one, he would reassure you and be completely on board with the idea.
Dont worry Y/N, well take great care of it.
Jimin: He would originally reject the idea of getting a pet, but when you bring home a surprise puppy from a shelter he immediately falls in love with it.
Oh my god, its the cutest thing ever!
V: He would actually be the one to bring home a kitten and beg you to keep it. You quickly agree since you had been meaning to ask him about getting a pet, but he wasnt expecting you to say yes so fast.
But it would be such a great addition… WAIT DID YOU SAY YES?!?!
Jungkook: He would be super excited at the idea of getting a pet and even come to the shelter with you to pick it out, fanning over all the little puppies.
Aw, that ones so cute, can we get it? No wait, that one!
yup I would let V keep the cat but I just might take it from him and forget he exists.....>.>
I died so adorable!