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Hey everyone, So this is my first post on vingle. I was wondering if anyone has tried Korean language learning books and if so what was the best one that you tried. Also if there are any apps that you are using to learn it. I had another kind of unrelated question. I have a friend from Korea who is trying to learn English and she wants to watch American drama that kind of shows everyday life. Any suggestions? Thank you for anything you comment.
@blazinpurplehl thank you I will pass this along to her.
For American Dramas I think it would be good to watch maybe iCarly or Victorious. If she's not so into the teen area though then a good choice would maybe be The Walking Dead or Teen Wolf (depending on what type of drama she likes of course). There's also more mystery and shows shows like Bones and Castle, or you could go for NCIS: LA (my favorite NCIS). I really funny American Drama that I really liked was called Chuck, so that's always an option. That's all I got for now 馃槄
thank you I will check them both out.
korean from zero is a book and talk to me in korean is a book a website and an entire youtube channel
Integrated Korean helped me alot. It also gives you some culture facts along the way!
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