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Girl group T-ara recently signed a contract with a beverage brand to help the needy. On May 23, T-ara signed a contract with beverage Ttoma O2 Bien in Seoul and said that they will keep on doing good deeds. Soyeon said, “T-ara has been doing many good deeds. We are very happy that we could get a chance to help the needy. We want to keep on doing good deeds.” T-ara will save part of the proceeds from the beverage sales and will donate it to help the needy. Davichi and Gangkiz members, who represent the same agency, also attended the event. T-ara helped by donating daily necessities to the aged living alone and distributed free food for them last winter. The group also helped the disabled and donated to Japan’s nuclear power disaster. Hyomin talked about what she thinks about doing good deeds. She said, “I think we earn more than we give when we do good deeds. Since we’ve received help, we know how good it is to help other people. That’s why we want to keep on doing good deeds.” She added, “Some may think that it’s not nice if we do good deeds openly. But we believe people will join us if we become models of good behavior. T-ara will take the lead in doing good deeds.” T-ara is currently preparing for their Japanese tour in June. They will return to Korea early in July as a group composed of 8 members. Then they will add one more member at a later date Source: STARNEWS