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Jin: He would be the dumb one who goes down to investigate a weird sound in their basement alone in his underwear, only to discover the weird murdering ghost. Trying to be nice he would greet said murdering ghost, only to be the first one killed. Sorry Jin. Youre too sweet and nice for your own good…
Suga: He would be the one telling everyone that they really shouldnt spend the night at an abandoned house and no, its a bad idea to split up but everyone ignores him and winds up in dangerous situations, leaving him wondering why hes friends with all these dumbasses.
J-Hope: This boy would be the one terrified of everything. Something moves? He screams. Jimin breathes weird? He screams. After a particularly scary moment he would end up fainting and miss all the deadly action, only waking up when everything is over.
Rap Monster: He would be one of the only rational ones, coming up with plans on how to escape, how to attack, and how to defend, growing exasperated when nothing works. Although, having the members split up to investigate rooms alone wasnt his best idea…
Jimin: Being the one who doesnt believe in ghosts, he would think the whole thing is just a cruel joke and no one is actually disappearing and everything will be fine in the morning, right? But when he walks in on a bloody body the realization will dawn on him that theyre into some deep shit.
V: You know that one person who unknowingly pisses off the spirit and thats why its haunting them in the first place? Thats V. He would probably accidentally dance on someones grave or make a rude gesture and blame himself for everything when he finds out, then try to find a way out of this mess he unintentionally created.
Jungkook: He would be the complete underdog/unlikely hero that ends up saving everyone and killing the murderer despite being the youngest, seeming the most scared, and has the least experience is exorcism. However, is that really all that surprising, since hes the Golden Maknae?
But wait can Rap Monster just scared the ghosts because he's a monster after all
these are so accurate its insane
Ahhhh. Why does Kookie look 12 in that gif
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