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I JUST SAW EXO. Omg i cried like im dead. I SCREAMED SO MUCH. THEY WERE SO BEAUTIFUL LIKE IM DEAD. I just can't. IF U WANT, ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT AND SEE MY STORY. BEWARE, either lower your headphones or no headphones at all MY SNAPCHAT IS ytejeda568
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it was an awesome show!
amazing concert!! i had a blast! i still have muffled hearing and a scratchy throat, almost 8 hrs later
Did Chanyeol dyed his hair again, last time it was brownish looking color (can't explain how it looks like) and now it looks like goldish/yellowish, he did that last time when they had the EXO'luXion in Manila, he keeps oo dying his hair, it's not good ;( ♡♡
Your really lucky, you get to see EXO perform ♡♡♡ Hope that you had so MUCH fun ♡♡♡
@MariaZhangKim He did dye his hair from what I saw. Its not good for him and thanks i had a good time