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If there are any requests or suggestions you want like if you want a fanfiction about your ulitmate bias, I can do that too.
Okay so I need some help! If you follow any of my collections or have read any of my fanfics, You would know that I have a lot of them and usually I post about each one everyday, Taking turns. But this time I can't decide which chapter to write or if I should write a new fanfiction series, Sometimes I would ask my Vingle friends on which one I should write but they sometimes don't even know >.< So I decided to make a poll or a voting card. Here are the steps:
1: Choose at least 1-3 fanfics for me to write.
2: Next, You comment and tell me which ones.
3: Wait for the results and I'll wait for at least 2-3 days just to make sure I have enough to count.
4: The first top 3 stories that are chosen will be the ones I write about during that week.
For Example, If someone chose, "A hoping love story" as their #1 choice, "The Monster in your head" as their #2 choice and "Cold as a rock, Sweet as sugar" for their #3 choice, Then I would see how many people would want that chapter written. If at least 5-10 people choose that particular story, Then I write about that story or the other 2 stories for that week. So here are your options:
#1: Jealousy Kills
#2: The Past is our Present
#3: The Boy Next Door
#4: The Dragon who protects the Princess
#5: Baozi Love
#6: A hoping love story
#7: The Monster in your head
#8: Cold as a rock, Sweet as sugar
#9: Bad Boy
#10: I Got You
Thank you everyone for voting!!! COMMENTS ARE CLOSED!!! But I'll have these polls posted every friday so that everyone can vote then I write those stories for that week... But thanks everyone!!!
that moment when jelously kills almost turns into jello kills.... dang it autocorrect xD but i caught it!!!! close one xD
1. #7 2. #1 3. #3
#3, #8, and #9
Since you are making me choose..... 1. Monster in your hear 2. Dragon who protects the princess 3. I got you
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