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Many kids when they grow up want to be a doctor.
Upon researching the position, you will find out that it takes a lot of hard work to be a doctor. Almost ten years of college and medical school happen before many are certified.
Malachi Love-Robinson seems to have opted against the years of tutelage and looked to become a doctor immediately.
Obviously, this is against the law. In January of 2015, Love-Robinson had been briefly detained and questioned after he was caught roaming around another West Palm Beach hospital pretending to be a doctor. He was even allegedly peeking in on gynecology exams.
As the story gained more steam, things got weirder.
Thursday morning, Love-Robinson spoke with Good Morning America about the charges against him. He states he has a PHD, but later admits he hasn't gone to medical school.
He goes on to say that while he may not have had eight, nine, or even 10 years of formal education, he has been studying “this particular field." He also mentioned in the interview that he plans on opening his own clinic.
This kid needs a wake up call, don't you think?
ok, agree with you. but they need to arrest his parents too. without his parents guide, he cannot do all this thing right?
@atmi being a doctor, above anything else requires not just intelligence but good ethics, he failed that and I see no remorse from him. The guy said he's not MD but got phD? I doubt any good university will take him as PhD candidate. The kid is loaded though, his family was able to provide him a clinic knowing he didn't have a license?
@atmi I guess he knows how to use words in a way to confuse people as he was trying to do with the reporter
@Animaniafreak I heard from news above said he's 18.. I don't know if there any college can give you that title below 5 years medical study and as early as 18 years old. maybe he too obsessed to be a doctor. hope they give him opportunity to further study to prove he has a 'good will'
Umm..he looks a bit old for teens, how old is he? He got phD in what and from where? community college?
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