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Oh.. Oh.. you break it!!
Please remember you are an idol ! IDOL!!
Dance like you really don't care!!
Inspiration from seaweed?
When he get shocked!! Nice egg york outfit.
OOOne of the kind dance skills...O.. O.. O.. O shape legs.
You know how it felt... when you wear a bra.....(you just want to get it off).
Yes!! can join the girl band too!!.
See your buddy V... enjoy so much too!!!
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this made my day haha
2 years ago·Reply
I love how they have no shame for their derpiness it Insfires me to embrace my weirdness like them 😁great idols👏
2 years ago·Reply
This made me cry of laughter. Hahah. He's so great! There's no way anyone can't love him haha
2 years ago·Reply
This Cutie of a Nerd. You gots to love him. 😶😄
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