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Today I'm going to cheat and do the last three because I've been slackin' on this and I won't be able to go on the internet for 35 hours (the weekend) because of my Understanding Media Class Assignment.

28. Favorite Dorky/Funny Picture Of Every Member

#1 Shownu - #2 Wonho - #3 Minhyul - #4 Kihyun - #5 Hyungwon - #6 Jooheon - #7 I.M
(oops, I did GIFs instead of pictures!)

29. Which Member Would You Like To Date

Obviously, it might not happen but I would like to date Shownu or Hyungwon (My Biases)

30. Interview/Song/MV/Ect. That Made You Fall For Your Bias

Shownu: He was the one I got my eyes on first when No.Mercy came out because his vocals but mainly for his AMAZING dancing!! Also, after hearing his story and how he felt when he visited his Got7 friends made me want to support him even more and I wanted him to shine. Then slowly after that he started attacking me with feels.
Hyungwon: I have to be honest! I've always had my eyes on Hyungwon since No.Mercy BUT I never really saw him as my bias. He is totally handsome I think that's why I always had my eyes on him but in order for someone to become my bias I have to also like their personality or they have to pull me in by their dorkiness or dancing skills. AND then!! Slowly he started winning a spot into my bias list. I'm not sure when it happened, but I think it's around when the video of the gifs above was released. Now, he kills every time with feels by everything he does or says.
Well that's the end of my Monsta X obsession explanation AKA Monsta X Challenge!!
I hope you guys enjoyed my cards for this challenge and my answers!! ^.^ & if you didn't I'm sorry! Lol

Hope You Guys Have A Great Weekend!!

Also, Feel Free To Tag Me in Any Monsta X Cards!!
Lmao Oh I think we all want that @IsoldaPazo 😅😁
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