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" Hahahah this plan is going to be perfect" I said "What do you mean" Rap Mon almost yelled "Yah yah chill Ok? You Jungkook you're going to school Arrasso?............Oh and there's a girl Named Sun Mi-Bya, you need to be friends with that girl. If you can let her fall for you too that would be" "Who do you think yourself to give him orders Ha? What do you want from us. Who sent you here, he's not going to school understood. If you don't, well i guess then you have to get your ass up as f***off ok!" Rap Mon cut me off. Aish that dude " You know Lee JongWon right?" I smirked at their actions, Hahahahaha they were CALM ALL QUITE XD " Why you guys are quite. I think you guys do know him, just so you all know he's my Appa ok! So I guess I can do anything with you guess.......or you want me to use another way" " What do you want" Rap Mon said " Can someone plz speak instead of him, cuz I need to talk to someone who actually understand what I want not just sit there and show his strong ass" " You crazy piece of S**t" Oh gosh he fist was so close to my face, but thankfully Jin stopped him. *Thank you* " Yah chill ha! You talk to me what the hell you want from us" Jin said " Nothing much. I just want you to get rid of some people for me and appa, BUT we need to do slowly" I said " Who is the family" Jimin asked " The Sun's Family" I said " Ehh!!" He was shocked. " Why do you want me to go to school again" Jungkook said " Alright, that's the kind of talk I'm looking for" they looked at me confused " What....." It was awkward " Anyways let me tell you the plan. I want you Jungkook to go to school and be Friends with two people One of them is my step brother his name is Nam Joo-hyuk. Pretend that you two are enemies Arrasso?" " Why" he said " Because Mi-Bya and him are enemies, so you'll be the good guy for Mi-Bya" i said " Oohhh I like that continue" J-hope said " Hahaha. After you be friends with Mi-Bya, let her fall for you. Make sure she loves you more than anything Ara?" " So technically I'll have a fake girlfriend" he said " For you she'll be fake, but for her you'll be her everything" I said "Arrasso then what" Taehyung said " Let's do this now, then we'll discuss the cake we're going to eat.......Oh you're going to school tomorrow ok! I prepared everything you need, and plz don't be a trouble because i want this plan to be perfect ha?" i said "Don't worry, but what will I get for doing that" he said " What do you want? Money, food, clothing......." " I want JongWon soul" wait wait what!!! He wants to kill Appa " Why?" i asked " I just want it as a payback Hm? I'm not letting only one person suffer" he said confidentially " What do you mean?" " You understand it yourself" it was all silent now...... " Hm.......So what do you think. Deal?" He broke the silence. I don't know what's in his mind. Why does he want to kill my father. "why do you want to kill my father" I asked again " Let's go guys I ain't here for some fake s**t" they all got up. Why he wants to kill my father. What did my F***ing father did to him. I hate my dad to the point I wish I can kill him, but does he want to kill him too " WAIT........" they turned around " I'll deal with that, but In one condition" I said " Which is" Suga said " You have to succeed in this mission, or else these around you will be dead Ara?" i said they all looked worried " Ara" he answered shortly "EH!!" Rap Mon Yelled " Let's think about it" Jimin said I was surprised that he ignored everyone, " Ohh Why do you want me to do this?" Jungkook said " Be patient. No need to rush, you'll Understand soon" " what" he said " Bye.......don't forget to eat breakfast before you go to school Hm? have fun." I waved at them and took off. Hope this plan work or else I will never see Umma. Jungkook pov. " ARE YOU CRAZY!! WHAT IF YOU COULDN'T MAKE IT HA WE WILL ALL DIE BECAUSE OF YOU" Rap Mon Yelled " I know what I'm doing ok?" i said " For gods sake, you don't know shit" then almost punished me but Suga stopped him " STOOP IT OK! I SAID I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING. I NEED TO FINISH JONGWON, AND AM GOING TO HA! so don't get into my business when it comes that guy. Just trust me " i yelled and went up to sleep. I know this is going to be tough, but I need to payback for my family. . . . . . . . . NEXT MORNING I woke up in the morning ugh I hate to wake up early, but I need to finish this mission so I can finally kill that f***er JongWon. After I did my morning routine I wore my uniform then went out to get something to eat. On my way out Jimin stopped me " Ya are you sure of this?" he said worried "Why you're worried. I got it" i gave him a reassuring smile, " Ya..... Um you know you don't have to do it if you don't want to" why is he so worried about " I told you not to worry. Trust me" then Jin came and gave my lunch. As I was walking to school I was thinking of that girl. Why Jong suk wants me to make her suffer why the girl. like I can just kill her parents without her knowing a thing, but why her. I was in a deep thought that I didn't even hear the bicycle horn. "Aahhhhh" that stupid girl hit me with her bicycle. She didn't even tried to help " THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU! CAN'T YOU SEE PEOPLE WALKING, ARE YOU BLIND" i shouted at her. Wait what is she crying now!! "ANSWER ME" i shouted again but she ran away "GASH this stupid girl" When I arrived to school everyone started to look at me. Girls were whispering tsk. Then a guy appeared in my face " Are you Jungkook" He said " Yeah, who are you?" i said " Ohhhh you look good for her" he said " Eh?" " Nice to meet you. I'm Joo-hyuk" he smirked -to be continued-
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